Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Yesterday was weird...

You ever have those days where everything's just a bit off?

Yesterday was weird.

I remembered I had a phone call to make, an hour after I was suppose to make it.

I remembered I had a song to lead in a workshop, 15 minutes after it was supposed to have started.

I remembered that dinner was 15 minutes earlier than usual, 15 minutes late for the meal.

I remembered that I was supposed to put some Christmas cards in the mail, a half hour after the post office closed for the day.

Yesterday was weird.

Thankfully nothing was too terribly messed up. I did have some apologies to make... and was thankful that everyone was gracious about it.

Here's hoping for a better day today...


Dean said...

ya... sometimes those things happen; I was late to class one day where we were looking at fairly interesting non-invasive surgery options :(

And last year there was a time where Church in Ankeny (25 miles south) was closed because of snow... I didn't get the message because I hadn't charged my phone, took a back way that is supposedly generally better plowed than the interstate (actually wasn't bad until I was almost in Ankeny...), then I had a problem with my windshield wipers so got some new ones after discovering Church was canceled, a wiper that was sticking proceeded to lobotomize the new blade within about 3 miles. So, a fun trip, the upside of which was that I managed to stay on the road, more or less...

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