Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Language Casualties (warning! adult content and language...)

1. Yesterday in the grocery store: "unsmoked joints"

2. A week ago in staff conversation: "where can I get some rubbers?" "There are lots of them in the cabinet in the front office. Help yourself."

3. Last time I was here in my words... oops: "Wait just a moment. I need to go get my fanny pack."

4. I've been trying to be really good at this one, but slipped up in talking about my murder mystery costume: "I think I'm just going to wear some black pants tonight. Does that sound okay?" (insert here shocked and then bemused faces of my housemates)

5. Last time I was here, in the words of a vollie: "I'm dying to suck a fag." (insert my shocked and confused face and a quick sputtering of explanation on his part...)

6. Last week at Dunsmeorach, conversation between my housemates: "We're going out. You coming?" "Yeah! I'm just going to get my glad rags on first, though."

And now the keys to those conversations, in case you need them... rubber = eraser, fanny does not equal bum, joint = a cut of meat, fag = cigarette, glad rags = dressy clothes, and, of course, pants = underwear.


TSOldtimer said...

Uh-huh... Riiiiiiiiight.

Kt said...

Ha! The Brits are cah-raay-zee! I dearly miss Brit-speak.

To show how utterly clueless I am about American slang, I haven't the foggiest idea what our definition of "glad rags" is, although it sounds an awful lot like "Glad Bags," so I'm just going to assume it means black trash bags. I'm afraid to do an internet search to double check, tho...

Dean said...

So, I have some friends who did a semester in Great Britain (don't remember where, exactly, the Brethren Colleges abroad place)so I knew a few of those (like pants... oh dear), knew a few of the others offhand, and not a couple of them. Language is lots of fun... Oh, and it was interesting, we had a retirement party yesterday for a professor who's been here for 45 years; anyway he's from India but did a decent bit of doctoral work in Scotland, I believe. Anyway, another professor from there did some reminiscing about times they talked about differences in language...

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