Saturday, December 10, 2005

December and January book list

To Begin at the Beginning: An Introduction to Christianity -- by Martin Copenhaver, wonderful book! There's nothing astoundingly new for someone who has grown up with Christianity, but Copenhaver states things in thought-provoking ways and raises many good topics to ponder. Would be a good book for a committed Sunday school or Bible study.

Just Friends: The Role of Friendship in Our Lives -- excellent, as well! The best nonfiction book I've read in quite a while. It explores kinds of friendships, social expectations around friendships, etc. Thoughtful and well-written.

The Mermaid Chair -- by Sue Monk Kidd (author of Secret Life of Bees), I actually liked it even more than I did SLoB; it's about a middle aged woman who rediscovers herself when she goes back home to help her mother; some of the morality I didn't agree with, but it's a great read!

Memoirs of Pontius Pilate -- drier than I thought it would be, but still fairly good. It's hard for me to tell how much of it is true. An interesting take on the life of Jesus in relation to the culture of the time, though.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

October and November book list

I'm finding that I'm going through books too quickly to continue a running book list. I've also decided that I'll clue you in on all the books I've read, even the ones I didn't like... just FYI.

The Secret Life of Bees (Sue Monk Kidd, wonderful! A quick and good read with many solid literary elements and lovely themes. Even a few proverbs here and there -- were I to teach a young adult literature class, I might consider this as part of curriculum)

The Writing Life (Annie Dillard, I wasn't thrilled with this book. It was too abstract for me and a bit rambling and hard to follow. It's short, though, so if you're curious...)

Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal (wonderfully irreverant, lots of sarcasm and cynicism but never crossed the line into despair. I appreciated the underlying message, too.)

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (good quick read, better than #1. I wish I would have read the book before watching the movie.)